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Almost 3 days after the fallout from his indefinite suspension, Keith Olbermann has finally come out with his official statement on the suspension. He posted his statement on Scribd and linked in his latest tweet. You can read the official statement in full here.

In the statement, he thanked his loyal viewers of Countdown "for the honor of your extraordinary and ground-rattling support." He also apologized to viewers "for having precipitated such anxiety and unnecessary drama." He asserted that he was suspended without a proper hearing and was only informed of his suspension through the media.

But the most important line of his statement was the last, in which he said that he "looks forward to rejoining you on Countdown on Tuesday," implying that his "indefinite suspension" might be short-lived after all. Stay tuned for updates.
As you fellow MSNBC lovers should know by now, Keith Olbermann, the enigmatic host of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," has been suspended indefinitely without pay for giving $2,400 to each of 3 Democratic candidates for the just-concluded midterm elections. Apparently, there is an explicitly written rule for NBC News and MSNBC employees that they are not allowed to make campaign contributions to any political party or candidate. More details on Politico and CNN.

Keith has not come out with a statement about his suspension as far as I know (judging from his Twitter account), except for not denying that he made those reported contributions. Thomas Roberts replaced him (not permanently, I hope) on Friday. Rachel did make a statement the same night, and made a very strong point. Not against their employer, of course (though she echoed the viewers' sentiments that Keith should come back soon), but against Fox News Channel for not having the ban on political contributions.

My take on the issue? As far as I *heart* Keith and that he is one of the reasons why I stick to MSNBC, rules are rules. He could have told his bosses about the contributions in advance, and so would have effectively avoided the controversy that he is in now. How about you? What do you think about all of this?

Oh, and "Keith Olbermann" briefly became a top trending topic on Twitter because of this. Let's bring him back there (and on his show), y/y?
20 October 2010 @ 01:16 pm
Due to the mountains of articles and papers I had to write for school, I haven't realized that MSNBC has rebranded itself a little bit in the first week of October with a tagline that many observers say clearly defines the network's progressive identity.


Simple, honest, direct. Although people (like me) may get a little confused at first, it becomes clear once you coherently reverse the phrase: "forward-leaning."

For more (actually it's only a few) details on this change, go to leanforward.msnbc.com.

You can also watch MSNBC live via the Internet if you are outside the United States, Canada, or any other country that broadcasts MSNBC. Just go to www.justin.tv/rockinroosters2 (though you have to watch out when it changes its username. copyright holders be holdin'.)

NOTE: These streams are obviously illegal in the United States and not officially supported by MSNBC. I am sharing this for international fans who want to experience watching MSNBC live. If you live in the United States or in countries with MSNBC, please support MSNBC and subscribe to pay TV services that have the channel.

18 March 2010 @ 08:37 pm
This question was being asked at olberfanns on the 8th, about Keith Olbermann in particular, but I'm wondering how the rest of y'all got into the MSNBC love, or fandom, or however you roll.

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16 March 2010 @ 09:48 pm
Sorry this is late. I'll do better this week, I promise. :)

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05 March 2010 @ 10:09 pm
This should work. At least it works for Fizzy, who lives in Australia and can't get the podcast or click the links at the page and access these from just going to the site herself. I hope these are useful to those who are outside the US. (Especially since I hope to move to Australia one day and I hope someone will continue the tradition. :P)

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02 March 2010 @ 08:36 pm

Dylan has been my MSNBC love as of late. He is a warrior.

So, there I was, watching my daily dose of Dylan and WOAH Dylan!! Chill out bro! I can see the validity of both sides in this argument. Firstly, yes, Dylan went Chris Matthews on this guy and didn't let him speak, but then again... do you see this guy? Dylan asks him a serious question about the identity of the tea partiers (or tea baggers, if you will. LOL) and he sits there with that dumb, unchanging look on his face like 'yeah, yeah...durp'. Physically unaffected by the accusation of racism.

The second argument to be made is that Mark Williams wasn't taking Dylan seriously or didn't really care about the crazies that use the "admirable and understandable" arguments the Tea Party makes, as Dylan put it early on, and "hide inside the tea party umbrella". Mark Williams goes on to explain the crazies: "Well, it's really simple. There's the wing-nuts and the normal people, it's not a huge leap."

So, what does everyone think about this?