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msnbc_love's Journal

For the Love of Pundits and MSNBC!
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MSNBC lovers!
MSNBC, the place for politics! (Or so says their latest tagline.)

Of course, it's the mostly liberal side of the cable news scene (believe it or not, MSNBC does have some conservatives). We of pundit fandom like to think it's the "fun" arm of NBC since its anchors can get away with quite a bit more silliness than core NBC News/local affiliates and CNBC.

Can't watch MSNBC on the tee-vee? Not a problem; MSNBC makes the majority of its on-air content available through its flash video players (if you don't mind ads). Better still, most of it's big-name news programs (and then some) are also posted as commercial-free podcasts of both the video and audio-only variety! Awesome! (Keep reading for the big list of show and Twitter links.)

We're a pretty laid-back crew at this-here community. Live blogging, picspams, YouTubes and other forms of squee are most definitely welcome! While we don't mind snarking on Fox News and such, do try to keep things civil. If you could keep OMGHUGE images or super-long posts behind a cut, that would also be awesome. :)

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Affiliated Acts:
olberfanns (Keith Olbermann -- join us here for daily Countdown live posts!)
maddow_discuss (Rachel Maddow -- also for daily live posts)
maddow_kicks (Rachel Maddow -- general fandom)


Watch MSNBC Shows: (in order of weekday airing, with the exception of the Ed Show, new episodes usually posted within an hour of their first airing):
Way Too Early: http://zeitgeist.msnbc.com
-- Twitter: @WillieGeist1
Morning Joe: http://joe.msnbc.com
-- Twitter: @JoeNBC, @MorningMika
The Dylan Ratigan Show: http://dylan.msnbc.com
-- Twitter: @DylanRatigan
Hardball: http://hardball.msnbc.com
The Ed Show: http://wegoted.com/archive/
-- Twitter: @WeGotEd, @EdShow
Countdown: http://countdown.msnbc.com
-- Twitter: @KeithOlbermann
The Rachel Maddow Show: http://rachel.msnbc.com
-- Twitter: @Maddow, @ProducerGuy1

Other MSNBC staff to follow on Twitter:
- @ChuckTodd/@SavannahGuthrie (The Daily Rundown, 6am PT)
- @DavidShuster (MSNBC Live, 7am/12pm PT)
- @TamronHall (MSNBC Live, 8am/11am PT)
- @ContessaBrewer (MSNBC Live, 9am PT)
- @MitchellReports (Andrea Mitchell Reports, 10am PT)
- @AlexWitt (MSNBC Live, variable/weekends)
- @alanarusso (public relations, often posts schedule changes)
- @willatwork (web media editor, handles podcasts/flash video, often tweets about Rachel live :D)